Reporting Services

Being a strategic partner for your clients, means understanding the real world impact of your efforts. We help marketing efforts increase clients’ bottom lines.

Longitude 122 will take the grunt work out of setting up advanced analytic systems, and provide in-depth reports on campaign performance. Clicks and impressions are nice, but we dive deeper in our reporting. We focus on the ROI and market share, you bring your clients. This allows you to do what you do best.

Why is reporting so important? Because reporting keeps the lights on! Providing and proving the value is key in long lasting business relationships. We have worked with many agencies that have trouble with high client turn-over, and short campaign run duration. Not because the campaigns fell on deaf ears, but because the client did not understand the translation between clicks and impressions to their overall business goals.

We solve this problem, by setting up analytics that track competition and report on market share. We also translate digital results to real world bottom line figures.

We will be happy to help you identify reporting opportunities for your clients worth investing in. Contact us today for a free reporting consultation.

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