Built By Passion & Expertise

Longitude 122 Marketing was started by a team of passionate technical marketing experts that were tired of the status quo. While the status quo promotes wasteful spending and little transparency with clients, we generate real results and demonstrate our work through transparent reporting.

We service clients across California and throughout the country. Our main office is located in San Diego, California. We also have offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, and Napa.

Since our founding in 2020, Longitude 122 Marketing has generated a total of over 1 billion impressions. Strategically utilizing our clients’ advertising dollars, we have reached millions of our clients’ customers. Annually, we spend over $1 million in advertising dollars.

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Why we’re different

The client, community, and project outcome are at the heart of all of our operations. Whether your goal is to boost sales, increase awareness of a cause, or bring about community change, we have the experience to get your campaign where it needs to go.

Analytics and Strategy

We use analytics to engage your target audience and adjust our ad strategy as needed.


Big results start with creativity and technical savvy.

Office Locations

Whether you’re local to San Diego or reaching out from across the country, we can help you reach your customers and increase your ROI.


San Diego (Main)

San Diego, CA 92102

San Francisco Bay Area

Napa, CA 94558

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA 91001


Sacramento, CA 95811